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CEO Message

CEO Younglok Oh


Younglok Oh

Enerwin Korea aims to become a global leader in the renewable energy industry. 

Enerwin is a clean energy company with the innovative patented wind technology and is planning to achieve energy independence based on Micro-grid by distributing hybrid power solutions worldwide. 


The key features of S-SAWT(Smart Symmetrical Airfoil Blade Wind Turbine) are its symmetrical blade and the pitch control system. The pitch control enables power generation at low wind speeds (starting from 1.5 m/s) and safe shutdown during high winds. In addition, the automated pultrusion process of the symmetrical blade with the single profile  enables remarkable time & cost reductions. 

Currently, the world is changing rapidly along with the wave of the 4th industrial revolution. Such a shift has happened in the energy sector as well. Boosted by the establishment of new climate regime, each country is endeavoring to secure sustainable energy, and the microgrid sector associated with the cutting-edge technology is expected to grow dramatically.   


Our innovative wind technology will lead to a change in the energy marketplace and help people gain access to energy and contribute to climate change issues.

In order to do so, we will do our utmost to become a trustworthy company.

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