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Key benefits



Enerwin Korea is an innovation-driven fabricator using pioneering, patented wind technology based on a unique design that maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs.


Enerwin Korea’s symmetrical blade design (The USA, Korea, Japan, China patent) enables remarkable manufacturing cost and time reductions through the automated production process. Uniquely, by applying the pitch control system to the small wind turbine, it ensured safety and increased efficiency. The system has been designed to provide maximum efficiency.


Enerwin Korea's S-SAWT is the most competitive, cost-effective and easily scaled solutions for grid-connected as well as off-grid applications worldwide. 

Enerwin Korea S-SAWT Key Benefits
  • Maximize power generation with unmatched utilization

  • Efficient power generation at low winds (starting from 1.5 m/s) enabling wider area coverage of the globe

  • Enable automatic system shutdown with the pitch control system(Aerodynamic Braking System) in high winds

  • Remarkable production cost & time reductions through the automated pultrusion process of the blade with the single profile

  • Create profits and save customers’ electricity bills through micro-generating systems such as wind power systems and hybrid power systems

Patented Wind Power Technology
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