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Wind power is the most efficient technology to produce energy in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner: it is zero emissions, local, inexhaustible, competitive.


World Wind Energy Resource Map


Enerwin's S-SAWT enables utilization of sites with low annual average wind speeds (where were not previously used) by extending the range of application as it is able to produce electricity at low wind velocities(starting from 1.5 m/s).


(Smart Symmetrical Airfoil Blade Wind Turbine)

Enerwin Korea, which has registered patents in Korea, Japan, China and the USA, has its own blade design and development capabilities. Enerwin offers Grid-connection and islanded modes of operation using the PCS (Power Conversion System).  SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition ) & CMS (Condition Monitoring System) enable failure prevention utilizing the remote control and surveillance, data analysis and prediction. 


-By applying the symmetrical airfoil blade and the pitch control, it has the maximum output at 0 degree

-Power generation is available at 1.5 m/s due to the unique phenomenon that the wake effect is reduced as a low drag coefficient of the blade enables flow resistance to minimize

-By applying the aerodynamic braking system through the active pitch control, it is able to maintain a certain rotor speed

-Safe shutdown when exceeding the allowed rpm & Automatic restart when wind speed is down

-Automatic remote control(SCADA) & Data   

  analysis systems applied

Pitch Control

[The pitch angle] Normal operation at 0 to 3 degrees, Stand-by at 25 degrees, Feathered position at 90 degrees



-By applying the pitch controller to the small wind  turbine, ensures safety and increases efficiency

-Maximizes efficiency by automatically controlling the pitch angle of the blade (PID algorithm)

-Scales lifting forces which affect the blade by controlling the angle of blades, and controls the rotor to maintain a constant speed

-Generates lifting forces which enable energy generation at low wind speeds and safely protects the turbine by the feathering control system 

{Shutdown within 30 seconds, System protection}

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